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llison Ramsay, wearing an apron and holding pruning shears, stands smiling among a variety of colorful flowers and plants. The scene is set outdoors with wooden fencing and a backdrop of green trees and mountains, highlighting a vibrant and cheerful gardening environment.
Allison Ramsay

Planting Roots in Our Community

Telluride Garden Center

I launched my (vibrant!) venture, Telluride Garden Center, with a clear vision: to make gardening and landscaping accessible and enjoyable for everyone in Telluride. 

Though I'm not a gardener by trade, my love for flowers and community connection have blossomed into this unique enterprise. Here, I firmly believe that everyone should have the tools and knowledge to create their own beautiful outdoor spaces.

That's why my women-led team and I are dedicated to demystifying gardening, making it a fun and achievable activity for everyone—kids included!

So please join us in nurturing a greener, more colorful, and sustainable community, one garden at a time.

From the heart of the Telluride Garden Center to your home garden,


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I've always been intimidated by gardening.

Am I overwatering or underwatering? Should I be fertilizing more? Am I using the wrong fertilizer or the right one?

These questions, and many more, have always prevented me from trying. I now firmly believe that starting with the right products and providing easier access to plants (without a long drive) will give all of us the ability (and time) to grow something wonderful.

Close-up of long, green grass blades covered with water droplets. The droplets glisten on the smooth, vibrant leaves, creating a fresh and dewy appearance. The scene captures the natural beauty and tranquility of a garden after rainfall.

Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to empower our community to cultivate beautiful gardens that offer both a sanctuary for the soul and a celebration of nature. 

We value sustainability, community engagement, and the joy of growing. 

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