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A person holding a small plant with green leaves and soil in their cupped hands
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A close-up of a terra cotta pot with small green seedlings sprouting from the dark soil against a light blue background.

Paonia Soil Co.

Living Soil

The Foundation of Flourishing Gardens and Landscapes

Understanding the importance of quality soil is crucial in transforming your gardening and landscaping projects from mundane to magnificent. At Telluride Garden Center, we’re proud to partner with Paonia Soil Co., renowned for their commitment to crafting superior soil products. 

Together, we bring you solutions that ensure your green spaces thrive in beauty and vitality.

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Soil is the essence of exceptional gardening.

BYOBucket this season. We sell soil by the five-gallon bucket, so you can take as much as you need from one of our bulk soil bags. (We'll also have buckets available for purchase.)

Selecting the right soil is crucial, whether you're cultivating delicate flowers or hearty vegetables. Quality soil, the cornerstone of every successful garden, significantly enhances water retention, nutrient availability, and overall plant health. Achieving impressive results depends on getting this foundational element right.

a yellow watering can, a small terracotta pot filled with dark soil spilling out, a gardening trowel, and a small bunch of pink tulips. The items are arranged on a wooden surface against a neutral beige background, creating a calm and inviting gardening scene.

Bulk Soil Options

You can purchase soil by the five-gallon bucket so you get the right amount for your gardening needs. Additionally, we offer a variety of small-sized nutrients to enhance your plants' growth and bloom potential, like Amino Pro and Phos Blossom