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Young green seedlings sprouting in a tray, displaying their delicate, vibrant leaves.
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A person's hands carefully placing a small terracotta pot with a young tomato plant into the soil. The pot has a white tag labeled "tomato" attached with string. The scene is set on burlap, with a small gardening trowel in the background, highlighting a hands-on gardening activity.

High Desert Seeds

Native Seeds

For Mountain Gardens

High Desert Seed+Gardens specializes in seeds ideally suited for the unique challenges of mountainous environments. These seeds are not only robust and adaptable but also tailored for diverse gardening setups—from expansive backyard plots to compact balconies and sunny windowsills.

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Soil is the essence of exceptional gardening.

BYOBucket this season. We sell soil by the five-gallon bucket, so you can take as much as you need from one of our bulk soil bags. (We also have buckets available for purchase.)

Close-up of fresh green grass blades with dew drops glistening in the sunlight. The background is softly blurred, highlighting the sharp focus on the individual grass blades and the sparkling water droplets, creating a serene and refreshing scene.

Native Seed Mixes

We provide a wide range of seed mixes in bulk quantities, ideal for covering expansive, unlandscaped areas of your property or for reseeding post-construction sites. Inquire with us.