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A vibrant red geranium flower in full bloom, showcasing delicate, velvety petals and a soft, radiant glow. The flower is set against a lush, blurred green background, highlighting its vivid color and intricate details. The soft focus and natural lighting create a serene and peaceful garden scene.
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One-Hit Wonders


Annuals are the life of the garden party, dazzling with their once-a-time showing.

This is lucky for you as this means that you get to start anew each season, remixing your garden’s theme.

Is 2024 calling for a fancy fiesta of fiery reds? Or in your mind’s eye, does a mellow mix of blues and purples take center stage?

Either way, our annual collection is bursting with a kaleidoscope of colors, each more tempting than the last and ready for your green (-ish for some) thumb.

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Let's make this planting season your most spectacular yet.

Swing by our store and greenhouse in Ilium and let's start plotting your garden's next big hit.

All the Colors of the Rainbow

Our Annuals Collection

Stroll down our garden paths and discover annuals that can transform any sunny spot crying for attention or a shady spot needing some added drama. Perhaps a few sun-loving marigolds or African daisies will do just the trick? These, and other time-tested favorites, are ready for their debut.

What’s hot off the plant press? 

So glad you asked. Meet the vibrant snapdragons and colorful petunias, newcomers ready to steal your flower bed show.

Close-up of vibrant purple daisies in bloom, their delicate petals radiating from dark, pollen-filled centers. The flowers are set against a dark, blurred background, highlighting their vivid color and intricate details. The soft focus and natural lighting create a dramatic and enchanting floral scene.

Wow Your Telluride Garden

African Daisies

A cluster of pink snapdragon flowers in a garden, illuminated by soft sunlight. The tall flower spikes with delicate pink blooms rise above the green foliage, creating a serene and peaceful scene. The blurred background and warm lighting enhance the tranquil and natural beauty of the flowers.

Wow Your Telluride Garden


A colorful garden bed filled with a vibrant mix of petunias in full bloom. The flowers display a variety of colors including red, white, pink, purple, and black, creating a lively and diverse tapestry. The dense arrangement of blossoms and green foliage showcases a bright and cheerful floral display.

Wow Your Telluride Garden


So, if it’s a plentitude of dazzle or an overabundance of drama you're after—complete with a wide range of colors, sizes, and options for sun or shade—our well-curated annuals collection covers it all, and then some.