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A collection of large, weathered blue-gray planters set against a stone wall. One of the planters contains a lush green shrub, while the others are empty. The scene captures a rustic and natural aesthetic, highlighting the textured surfaces of the planters and the greenery within the filled one. The planters are placed on a gravel surface, adding to the overall earthy and serene ambiance.
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A Curated Selection of

Gardening Tools and Accessories

We’ve handpicked a selection of garden essentials from Campania International, a renowned designer and manufacturer of fine garden planters, and BFG Supply, a leader in the green industry for over five decades.

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Enhancing Your Gardening and Landscape Experience

Campania International

At Telluride Garden Center, we offer a slice of artistry to your outdoor spaces with our latest collection from Campania International.

Known for their commitment to craftsmanship and quality, each Campania International pot and planter we carry reflects the designer's keen eye for detail and performance while tested for durability and stability, ensuring they withstand the rigors of Telluride’s harsh winter climate. 

For instance, the chic Celine Planter or the stately Terrace Bowl collection reflects a marriage of functionality and aesthetic delight. These planters aren’t just containers; they're a statement of style and durability. 

Or revel in the functional beauty of the Cloche Planters in earthy tones or the sleek geometry and versatility of the Basic Element Planter.

Another option is the statement piece like the Farnley Planter, with its generous dimensions, aesthetic appeal, and functional practicality, or the Nari Planters which add a touch of natural beauty to any setting, with its rustic finish and smooth contours.

A large, shallow concrete planter filled with a variety of succulents, including Jade plant and other fleshy-leaved species. The planter is placed on a wooden bench outdoors, with a reflective glass surface and greenery in the background. The scene highlights the minimalist and natural beauty of the succulent arrangement in a modern container.


Celine Planters

A trio of round concrete planters filled with various types of succulents, including Echeveria and other fleshy-leaved plants. The planters are set on a patio with a stone tile surface, showcasing a modern and minimalist gardening aesthetic. One planter is empty, emphasizing the focus on the planted succulents.


Terrace Bowl Planters

Three large, grey planters of different sizes are arranged on a patio. The planters contain lush green plants, adding a touch of greenery to the outdoor space. The background features stone walls and pillars, suggesting a garden or courtyard setting.

Functional Beauty

Cloche Planters

A close-up of a square concrete planter filled with green succulents. The planter has a minimalist design with sharp edges and a textured grey surface, contrasting with the vibrant green of the plants.

Sleek Geometry and Versatility

Basic Element Planters

A square, dark brown planter with a small shrub, placed outdoors.

Statement Piece

Farnley Planters

Two large green ceramic planters with a rustic finish, placed on a stone-paved area with greenery in the background.

Rustic Finish and Smooth Contours

Nari Planters

Whatever you choose, our lineup from Campania—showcasing 30-plus planter and pot collections—provides lasting beauty and functionality in any garden space. 

A workspace with various gardening tools and potted succulents, arranged neatly on a table.
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Gardening Tools and Accessories You Can Count On


At the Telluride Garden Center, you’ll discover a (truly!) robust and plentiful collection of premium, high-performing, durable gardening tools and accessories. We’ve hand-picked each product based on its ability to enhance the comfort and efficiency of every type of gardener and landscaper.

Here’s a sampling of what you can expect

🪴 Deroma® Terra Cotta Cylinder Pots: enhancing your planting with stability.

🧤Hestra Gloves: offering ultimate hand protection.

🧑🏻‍🌾 Bond® Bloom® Poly Fan Rake and Radius™Root Slayer Shovel: optimizing digging.

💦 Element®, Flexzilla®, and Teknor® hoses: providing durability and superior water flow. 

✂ Fiskars® Micro-Tip® Shears: ensuring precision in maintenance.

✂️ Felco® F2 Original Pruner: keeping your garden in peak condition.

You’ll also find BFG Supply's Gardener Select® brand, which delivers high-quality products at affordable prices, and Swiss-made Felco products, renowned for their replaceable parts, enhancing durability and the lifespan of their tools.