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Close-up of vibrant purple Salvia perennial flowers in full bloom. The tall flower spikes display dense clusters of small, delicate purple blossoms against a backdrop of green foliage.
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The Stalwarts of Your Telluride Garden


Here, perennials aren’t just plants; they’re the returning champions of the garden world, popping up year after year and filling your outdoor spaces with vibrant color and life.

Unlike their one-and-done annual counterparts, perennials cozy down for the winter and burst forth anew each spring, offering a blooming bonanza that keeps on giving … a cost-effective and low-maintenance choice for gardeners looking to create a long-lasting landscape.

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Variety is as rich as the blooms are bountiful

Our Perennial Collection

Wander through our curated collection of both time-tested favorites and unexpected guests. Fancy the flamboyant flair of Lupine or the subtle charm of echinacea? Each durable perennial in our selection promises to play its part in creating your garden’s year-round encore performance.

Stay ahead of gardening trends with our latest additions.

Get the scoop on the freshest faces in our perennial lineup this season. They’re poised to brighten up your beds and borders, planters and properties, with their standout blooms and crowd-pleasing colors. And to boot, they’re certain to attract some of the smallest of creatures. 🐝 🦋

A cluster of pale yellow coneflowers (Echinacea) in bloom, their drooping petals surrounding spiky, cone-shaped centers. The flowers are bathed in warm, golden light with a softly blurred background, evoking a serene and tranquil garden setting. The soft focus highlights the beauty and delicate nature of the blooms against an indistinct landscape.

Handpicked to Enhance Telluride Gardens


A close-up of a vibrant Lupine flower spike in full bloom, displaying a gradient of purple and yellow flowers. The tall, conical flower clusters rise above a backdrop of green, palmate leaves. The surrounding garden features more Lupines and other blurred, colorful flowers, creating a lively and picturesque scene.

Handpicked to Enhance Telluride Gardens


A lush garden bed filled with bright red Salvia flowers in full bloom. The vibrant red blossoms contrast beautifully with the dark green, heart-shaped leaves, creating a striking visual display. The dense arrangement of flowers and foliage covers the entire ground, showcasing a rich, colorful landscape.

Handpicked to Enhance Telluride Gardens


So, whether you're painting your patio with pots of pastel hues, designing a serene green space, or orchestrating a riot of colors in your flower beds, we cover the perennial's gamut with varying colors, sizes, sun preferences, and purposes.